25 MM

  • 25mm Ammo Feed Chute

    25mm Flex Feed Chute

  • 25mm Ammunition Feed Chute Bend

    25mm Flex Feed Chute Bend

  • 25MM AC-130 Flexible Feed Chute

    25MM AC-130 Flex Feed Chute

  • 25mm Link Eject Chute

    25mm Link Eject Chute

  • 25mm Link Ejection Chute

    25mm Link Eject Chute

  • 25MM GAU-12U on the AC-130

  • 25MM M242 on the BRADLEY

  • 25MM M242 on the LAV

  • ATK LW25 on SAAB Trackfire

  • M242 on BAE MK38

  • 25MM Gau-12 on the AC-130

25 MM

Feed Chute

SAI produces flexible feed chutes for 25mm cannons. Initial feed chutes were designed for the Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) and the M2 Bradley programs. As new applications and weapons were introduced SAI expanded its product lines. All feed chute designs can also be configured with various options for different applications. SAI’s 25mm Flexible Feed Chutes are designed to work with the following ammunition:

  • 25 X 137mm Ammunition with M28 Ammunition Link:
    • ATK M242
    • Rheinmetall KBA
  • 25 X 137mm Ammunition (linkless):
    • GAU-12/U
    • GAU-22/A
  • 25 X 59mm Ammunition linked with ATK Links:
    • LW25 MM Bushmaster Gun

Flexible Feed Chutes can be designed specifically for the customer and their needs.

Link Eject Chute

SAI provides flexible Link Eject Chutes for M242. The Link Eject Chute guides used M28 links to collection areas. There are multiple end fittings to choose from when configuring Link Eject Chutes. Link Eject Chutes can be designed for each application.


A sampling of the many SAI 25mm chute applications.