30 MM

  • 30mm Ammunition Feed Chute

    30mm Flex Feed Chute

  • 30mm Ammo Feed Chute Bend

    30mm Flex Feed Chute Bend

  • 30mm Link Eject

    30mm Link Eject

  • 30mm Link Eject Adapter

    30mm Link Eject Adapter

  • 30mm Apache Ammo Chute

    30mm Apache Chute

  • 30mm Apache Ammunition Chute

    30mm Apache Chute

  • Apache Helicopter

    Apache Helicopter

  • M230 on MH60L

    M230 on MH60L

  • Mk30


  • Mk44 on Elbit UT30

    Mk44 on Elbit UT30

30 MM

Feed Chute

In the late 1970’s SAI completed its initial design for a feed chute for the 30 X 173mm and 30 X 113mm ammunition. The early chutes were used on the GAU8 and M230 Automatic Cannons.

Examples of weapons using SAI 30mm Feed Chutes are:

  • 30 X 173mm with MK15 link, ATK MK44
  • 30 X 173mm with MK30-1 link, Rheinmetall (Mauser) MK30-1
  • 30 X 173mm with DM170 link, Rheinmetall (Mauser) MK30-2
  • 30 X 173mm linkless, GAU-8
  • 30 X 113mm M230 Linkless
  • 30 X 113mm with MK1 link, M230 LF

Link Eject Chute

SAI currently manufactures link eject chutes for the following weapons:

  • ATK Mk44

The Mk44 has two unique link eject interfaces, one uses latch style connectors and the other uses locking pin connectors. SAI can provide link eject chutes for either style:

  • Rheinmetall (Mauser) MK30-1
  • Rheinmetall (Mauser) MK30-2

Link Eject chutes can be customize for specific applications.

Apache Feed Chute

AH64 Apache & MH60L

  • 30 X 113mm linkless, M230


A sampling of the many SAI 30mm chute applications.