.50 Cal / 12.7mm

  • .50 cal Feed Chute 2-Beaded

  • .50 cal Feed Chute 3-Beaded

  • .50 cal Feed Chute Chrysler

  • .50 cal Feed Chute Bend

  • .50 cal Feed Chute Fan

  • .50 cal Feed Chute Front

  • .50 cal Link Eject Chute

  • .50 cal Link Eject Adapter

  • .50 cal M2 Gun Adapter

  • .50 cal M2 Gun Adapter Front

  • .50 cal Ammo Box

  • .50 cal Ammo Box Front

  • .50 cal Ammo Box Lid Assy

  • .50 Cal Dual M2

  • .50 Cal Gau21

  • .50 Cal GAU-19

  • .50 Cal Gau21 on CH53

  • .50 Cal on BAE Bofors Lemur RWS

  • .50 Cal on CROWS

  • .50 Cal CIS 50MG on ADDER RWS

.50 Cal / 12.7mm

Feed Chute

Initial .50 Cal Feed Chute design was created for the Browning M2, 12.7 X 99mm ammunition using the M2 ammunition link. As weapon manufactures expanded their product lines SAI expanded our products. SAI currently offers .50 Cal feed chutes in standard and heavy duty designs. The designs can also be configured with various options for different applications.

SAI’s .50Cal (12.7mm) Flexible Feed Chutes are designed to work with the following ammunition:

  • 12.7 x 99mm Ammunition with M9 (and M2) Ammunition Links:
    • M2 & M2A1
    • M3
    • GAU19 (A/B)
  • 12.7 x 99 mm with M15 Ammunition Links:
    • CIS 50MG
    • M85
  • 12.7 X 108mm with 12.7 Soviet Ammunition Links:
    • NSV

Flexible Feed Chutes can be designed specifically for the customer and their needs.

Link Eject Chute

SAI provides both solid and flexible Link Eject Chutes for M2, M2A1 and M3 weapons. The Link Eject Chute guides used M9 links to collection areas or away from vulnerable areas. There are multiple end fittings to choose from when configuring Link Eject Chutes. Link Eject Chutes can be designed specifically for the customer and their needs.

Gun Adapter

The Feed Adapter connects to the M2 or M2A1, it provides a connection point for the Flexible Feed Chute. Adapters are designed to have the feed chute approach the weapon from different directions (i.e. the side bottom or top). Link Eject Adapter provides connection point for Link Eject Chutes. Adapters can be designed specifically for the customer and their needs.

Ammo Box

SAI has designed and fabricated custom ammunition boxes for 12.7 X 99 mm ammunition. SAI’s ammo boxes are fabricated from stainless steel and can incorporate customer specific features.


A sampling of the many SAI 50Cal/12mm chute applications.