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Here is a sampling of SAI's range of products. Inside the brochure you'll find some of our Ammunition Feed Chutes, Composite Chutes, Adapters, and Ammo Boxes. We are a custom design and manufacture company, the brochure will only contain a small cross-section of our catalog. For product inquires or further information, contact us here.

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frequently asked questions

Does SAI ship internationally?

SAI ships to countries all around the World. SAI has ITAR requirements and all international shipments must be sent with an Export License.

How much does the chute cost?

SAI’s chutes are specifically designed to our customer’s needs. Because each chute has specific components, the price can be found by contacting us for an RFQ.

What are the lead times?

Due to the specific nature of the chute, lead times can vary. A standard lead time for optimal conditions is 90 days ARO.

How durable are the chutes?

SAI has reports of chutes with a million rounds running through them and still operating great. SAI chutes are made of 301 stainless steel and coated with a dry film lubricant. The chutes are non-corroding and work very well in harsh environmental situations.

Our Clients

and many more.


SAI’s engineering works hand in hand with our customers to be able to find the exact custom solution for their application. Our Engineering department is fully capable of processing 3D and 2D data. SAI incorporates the use of Solidworks 3D to be able to work in conjunction with our customers. SAI also designs using materials that fit the customers’ needs. SAI’s engineering department is set up to be able to customize our chutes to fit just about any customer requirement when given the customers interfaces information.


SAI’s manufacturing departments have been refined to achieve optimal feed chute production. SAI manufactures our chutes in house from start to finish. SAI infuses technology and safety throughout our production line. SAI has capabilities of stamping, bending, shearing, machining, CNC, Notching, and assembly. SAI does spot-welding to AWS D17.2, HP 11-3 and GTAW Fusion Welding to AWS D17.1, HP 11-1. SAI works with all types of materials including stainless steels, titanium, plastics and many more.


SAI’s core approach has been to build custom chutes for the customer’s specific need. SAI has customizable tooling used for quickly and accurately prototyping new designs. SAI employs Wire EDM technology for precise prototyping to exactly match the customers’ requirements. SAI is fully capable of designing and manufacturing custom chutes specific to our customers’ needs.