Chute Options

  • Solid Film Lubricant 7.62MM Link

    Feed Chute Latches

  • Nickel Teflon 7.62MM Link

    Hook/Alligator Latch

  • Cerakote Grey 7.62MM Link

    Squeeze Latch

  • Nickel Teflon 7.62MM Link

    Over Center Latch

  • Cerakote Black 7.62MM Link

    Press On Latch

  • Solid Film Lubricant 7.62MM Link

    Solid Film Lubricant 7.62MM Link

  • Cerakote Black 7.62MM Link

    Cerakote Black 7.62MM Link

  • Nickel Teflon 7.62MM Link

    Nickel Teflon 7.62MM Link

  • Pawl Assemblies
  • 7.62MM Reinforced

    7.62MM Reinforced

  • 50 Cal Reinforced

    50 Cal Reinforced

  • 30mm composite chute

    30mm composite chute

Chute Options

Chute Latches

Standard Armament can adapt a latch to fit any gun application or platform. We do however offer standand latches to fit most applications. They are:

  • Hook/Alligator Latch
  • Squeeze Latch
  • Over Center Latch
  • Press On Latch

Chute Finishes

Standard Coating: Standard Armament’s standard coating is a Solid Film Lubricant per SAE AS5272, MIL-L-46010 and MIL-PRF-46010. The lubricant is applied to components and baked at Standard Armament’s facility. The resulting surface has good friction and wear characteristics.

Optional Coating Electroless nickel-Teflon: Electroless nickel PTFE coating combines the self lubrication properties of PTFE with the high wear resistant hardness of Electroless nickel. The key properties of Electroless nickel-PTFE are:

  • Low Friction
  • Self Lubrication
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Wear Resistance
  • Uniform Deposit

Cerakote: Cerakote is a coating that is often used on firearms. This coating provides a high performance surface and is available in a variety of colors.

Optional pre-coating process of Passivation: Prior to having the coating applied the completed components are chemically processed (Passivation per AMS QQ-P-35) to remove contamination near the surface of the component. The contamination near the surface is often a starting point for oxidation. After Passivation is completed, the components have their finish coating applied.

Pawl Assy Chutes

When the ammunition box is located below the height of the weapon, the ammunition will often download when the receiver is opened. To prevent this Standard Armament has developed a ratcheting device (Pawl Assembly) that allows the ammunition to only flow toward the weapon. The gunner can override the Pawl with one finger to download ammunition. Shown is a Pawl for a 7.62mm chute, Pawl Assemblies are available for all calibers of feed chutes.

Reinforced Chutes

Standard Armaments small caliber chutes, 5.56mm, 7.62mm and certain .50 Cal/12.7mm, have optional Pin and Plate reinforced links available. The reinforced link is used in applications where additional stress is being applied to the chute. One application is when the ammunition path uses a booster motor. During the start/stop function, timing differences may cause the ammunition to be pushed into the chute faster than the weapon is pulling the ammunition out of the chute. The buildup of ammunition in the chute will cause an increased in internal pressures. The Pin and Plate reinforced link provides a heavier duty connector to withstand the increased pressures. The Pin and Plate reinforced links have less flexibility than the standard link, but can be used to increase stiffness of the chute as desired.

Plastic/Composite Chutes

Standard Armament has provided composite feed chutes for over 30 years. Some chutes have used hard composites to replace cast or machined parts others use more flexible composites to replace flexible components. As with our other products our Plastic/Composite Chute designs are driven be specific customer needs. Recently we have designed chutes in different calibers to use composite frames for an alternative design option.