History since 1950

Standard Armament's Founder Curtis Correll Senior

Curtis V. Correll Sr., the founder of the company, was part of a new division of Hughes Aircraft.


Engineers discussing blue prints

It was the Armament Division, and there were six engineers. The aircraft being designed at the time had a tail gunner area that was very tight and had very little room. The ammunition could not be connected to the gun. The Armament division designed a track to solve the problem of carrying the ammo safely through to the gun.

Curtis was responsible for designing all the tooling to make this ammo chute. The ammo chute was made of wire and stainless steel sheet metal. The original design was very flimsy. Curtis went to management with a new sturdier chute design. The company ended up turning down the idea due to the fact that the war was coming to an end.


Mr. Correll took his idea to a company named National Armament. They agreed to make all the tooling. They would also market the product and pay him 5% of all the sales. The product did very well at first. National Armament fell upon hard times and had to shut down the Armament division. Since they had not paid him the 5% they promised, they in turn decided to give him all the tooling instead. Mr. Correll then started to produce the ammo chute from his garage at his home for a period of time.


Curtis went to work for a company named Rhodes Lewis. The company agreed to produce and market the ammo chute and pay Curtis a percentage. The company didn’t end up keeping their agreement. Mr. Correll and three other men then ended up deciding to form their own company.


The new company was known as Standard Armament Inc. It was set up to be an engineering company that would design new products. The main product that came out of initial designs was the ammunition chuting. Curtis came to the partners and made a deal to buy out their shares for $63,000 paid over time. The partners agreed and the company was moved to a new location on Hollywood Way in Burbank, California. Through a series of sound business moves and his own sales, Curtis was able to pay off the debt in a few months.


Standard Armament had two divisions at that time. One division was manufacturing the ammo chutes and the other was doing the engineering. The engineering division designed high altitude weather balloons for the National Weather Service and the Signal Corps. They developed a system to lay wire over rough terrain at a very high speed.


Standard Armament engineers were always forward-thinking. In the late 1950’s, they developed an electric car that traveled a minimum of 50 miles at 40 miles an hour. They also proposed a program for sending someone to space and returning them to earth.


The manufacturing side of Standard Armament built; rocket launchers, missile launchers, and bomb racks. Standard Armament also designed and built priming units for the bomb racks. The units were for arming bombs as they dropped. The company also designed and built ammo chutes for various systems. The mainstays of the chutes were for guns from 5.56MM to 40MM.


Curtis Correll Sr. sold the company to Harvard Industries.


Curtis Correll Jr. bought the company back. Standard Armament Inc. remains a family owned and operated company located in Glendale California.


We were chosen to supply ammo chutes for the Apache helicopter.


SAI supplied ammo chuting to various remote-controlled vehicles and systems.



Standard Armament became known as SAI, Inc. Standard Armament has the capability to design, manufacture and maintain ammo feed chutes for all systems throughout the World.